How to choose the best hosting?

Be Clear On Your hosting Requirements:

Before purchasing a hosting plan you should research about it and it’s not a bad idea to read my post.

Whether you’re in the process of choosing a web host for an existing site or selecting one for a new project, it’s important that you’re clear on what your requirements are. Knowing what you need and want is a good way to ensure you find what you’re looking for. To help determine your hosting needs, some questions you can ask yourself include:

What platform are you using? Is your site powered by WordPress, another platform, or are you building it yourself?What types of content are you publishing? Will your site be featuring lots of videos and high-resolution photos, or will it be mostly text based with the occasional animated gif? bluehost the best hosting service

How many visitors are you receiving and what’s the projected growth for the foreseeable future?
Where are the majority of your visitors or target audience based? Do you require servers in a certain location or would geographically distribute hosting be more appropriate?
What additional services do you require? For example email services, managed hosting and offsite backups.
How important is uptime to you? Does your site generate income and how would 98% uptime impact you, compared to 99.99%?
What support channels are required? Is 24/7 phone and live chat required or will out of hours email support suffice.


If an endorsement does resonate with you, then you could reach out to the author and ask them for more details on their experiences with their web host. Your experience of using their site can also provide good insights into the service:

What are their page load times like?
Is using their site frustrating, with delays in images and video being displayed?
Have you noticed much downtime?
Have they ever been hacked?
If someone is happy to talk about how great their host is in exchange for an affiliate payment, then they should be willing to answer questions about why they endorse that host.

Run Your Own Tests

While using other people’s data is definitely valuable, gathering your own data can be even more useful, especially if no one else is publicly benchmarking the web hosts you are interested in.

My Own Choice: 

bluehost the best hosting service

Recently I have purchased bluehost hosting solution and I am in love with this.

Here are a few other reasons to go with BlueHost:

  1. You get a free domain name for life
  2. They provide 24/7 U.S. based customer support, and they really do answer the phone and fix problems fast
  3. You can host multiple domains and websites on your account (up to 100 WordPress sites)
  4. They give you unlimited space and transfer bandwidth
  5. The price is very competitive – $6.95/month
  6. Automated backups of your files AND databases
  7. Tons of other features that other hosting plans at this price point don’t have. (Click here to see the full list.)

bluehost the best hosting service

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