How to add extra field on the seller settings?

I believe you already know about Dokan Multivendor plugin for WordPress. It is a plugin which works with WooCommerce. If you are looking to create a multivendor marketplace solution then Dokan is the best option for you.

When you will run a big marketplace that time you may require some extra functionality like as fields, menu etc. I am getting tons of  request for last few months. Do you want to see how I am getting it?

Customer Query:

hey, I want to update store setting form by adding a new text area. I have to make the text area everything, but I could not found the database table keep the information,

Can u guide me how to add a new input so it able to store and display in store page?

The above question was from a user of Dokan plugin. As technical support is my profession for that reason, I had to provide the entire solution to the user. Today I will share the solution with all of you because it is better to get the proper solution with the proper guide.

How To Add ?

To add an extra field on the seller store settings page, you have to add some custom code on your theme function. Please always remember that modify/extend a functionality through child theme or add-on is always good practice. If there is a hook/filter then you are done. You can easily modify through the hook/filter. So, I am not breaking this rules.

For all reader of this post, I have a good gift for you. Now guess! what is that? Yes, you are correct. I have the entire custom code to add an extra field on the seller store settings page. Also, you will be able to show the value on the store banner 🙂

Now, copy and paste those codes in your child theme’s functions.php file. After saving the file, reload the settings page of seller dashboard (Seller dashboard -> Settings). You will see the field “Website” and the field value will appear on the frontend store banner. You can modify my code as per your own requirement.

Please read doc about dokan plugin through this URL – and the post are about Dokan plugin. If you do not have Dokan plugin installed then this post is not helpful for you 🙂


5 thoughts on “How to add extra field on the seller settings?

  • Thanks for the tip, it is really usefull. I was trying to put a description on thevendor’s banner 🙂 (just I had to create and modify the store-form on my child theme in order to make it work.

  • I love this, but when I apply this to my functions.php it wipes clear my business info (address, banner image, logo, etc.). Do you know what can be done to keep that information as well as add a new field and display it?

    • @marcus, Please make sure that you have inserted the code correctly. This solution was done few months ago. You can take the correct hook/filter then make it work by debugging 🙂

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