Build your own digital marketplace with Dokan Multi-vendor plugin by weDevs

Building a digital marketplace is easy. An author wants to sell his writing or books. A photographer or an artist is looking forward to selling the photography or the arts. You can face this challenge and come out with a marketplace on your own. You will not even need a technical background. Simple steps to set up your own marketplace. With WordPress and some of its plugin, you can build your own digital marketplace in no time. A single marketplace can allow you to have more than one vendors and all the vendors can have a digital product to sell. This post will help you to learn how you can create a digital marketplace by following few steps.

Things you will need:

The first step to create a marketplace is to find out what you will be needing.

  1. A WordPress Site
  2. WooCommerce  
  3. Dokan a plugin by weDevs 
  4. A WooCommerce compatible theme of your choice

To use the Dokan Plugin your website must have the followings:

  1. PHP 5.6 or later version
  2. WooCommerce 3.4.4 or later
  3. WordPress latest

If you have the above requirements we can begin building our marketplace.

How To Install the plugins:

Step1: Navigate to wp-admin–>plugin–>upload plugin

     Step2: Install the plugin and activate the plugin.

Step 3: Install Dokan lite. Repeat step1 and step 2.

Step 4: Make sure WooCommerce plugin is activated before you Dokan lite, then activate the plugin. 

Basic settings of Dokan and brief description:

Dokan is an easy plugin. You can understand the settings very easily. You need to make sure that basic settings for Dokan are done properly before you allow your vendors to take over.

Navigate to wp-admin–>Dokan–>Settings–>Selling Option

  • New Vendor Product Upload: Enable the option if you want your vendor to have selling ability as soon as the registers.

Navigate to wp-admin–>Dokan–>Settings–>Page settings

  • Dashboard: Create Dokan dashboard using the shortcode: [dokan-dashboard]. Set that page on the dashboard section.
  • My order: Create my order page using the shortcode: [dokan-my-orders]. Then set the page on my order.
  • Terms and condition: if you want to have terms and conditions create a page and set the page on the section.

Registration for all vendor:

To give your vendor registration ability you need to enable the settings from admin panel of WordPress. Navigate to


Check the box and save settings to have user ability to register as a vendor or customer.

Navigate to wp-admin–>WooCommerce–>Settings–>Accounts & Privacy

If you do not want the password to generate automatically just uncheck the option. Now the registration and login page will be something like the mentioned screenshot 9.

Create your own store:

  • Register as a vendor filling the form.


  • The vendor has access to his dashboard.

  • Go to the settings option and fill the form and make your store ready


  • Get your store ready

Create Products:

  1. Log in as a vendor.
  2. Navigate to the product–>Add new
  3. Enter the product title, price, and all the common field values. And create the product


  1. Creating the product will redirect to the product edit page.
  2. Click the checkbox downloadable –

6.Select the file and manage restrictions

  • Name: The field is used to define what the downloaded file name should be. and select. But you can also serve the file from Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file hosting site you like.
  • Download limit: The time you want the customer will be able to download the product.
  • Download Expiry: For how long you want the download link will be

7. Hit Save when done.

8. The product will be on pending status. You need to publish the product in order to make the product online.

Navigate to wp-admin–>products–>All products

Click on the product edit option

Now you will get a publish option on the right side of the edit product page. Click on publish button to publish the product.

The status of the product will change from pending to online.

The product will appear on your site. You can check the view by clicking on view product:



Now you know everything. This is how you can have more vendors and a multi-vendor marketplace.

Customer end:

We knew all about the vendors now. What will the customer see? How will hey purchase? Questions all over your mind. Well, you are about to find out.

  1. Sign up as a customer using the form.

  1. Add product to your cart:


  1. You can view  your cart and then go for the checkout procedure:

  1. Checkout form needs to be filled.


  1. The payment option is given on the bottom of the checkout page:


  1. Place your order. After the order is confirmed you will get order received confirmation:


  1. Now go to your my account page

  1. On my order section, you can check your order details. When the vendor will approve the order and the payment is all completed and the order status is completed you get access to your product.

  1. You will get the download option inside the order details:


  1. Click on the download button and get the ebook you purchased

Now you have seen all the details you need to create a digital marketplace. Create your own marketplace now 🙂

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