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Dokan multivendor marketplace plugin is one of the best multivendor marketplace plugins for WordPress. It based on WooCommerce. If you want to create a marketplace where you will charge the vendor to upload product. Then, Dokan is the best solution for you.

Dokan has an amazing extension called “Dokan Subscription Extension” which can help you to create a membership type marketplace.

How it works

This document describes how a vendor can activate the desired pack and the admin role behind it.

  1. Admin goes through the settings
  2. Admin creates packages
  3. Vendor buys the package or Admin assigns the package
  4. Vendor is notified before package ends
  5. After subscription end, the products go into draft mode
  6. Admin can assign non-recurring package from the user profile
  7. Admin can define category to upload product
  8. Each subscription package can have different commission rate

How to Create a Subscription Product

Subscription packs are stored as regular products although they will not show up on your website to your customers. To create a subscription, simply go to WordPress Dashboard → Products → Add Product -> Select the product type “Dokan Subscription”.

Important: you will have to do this from the WordPress dashboard (wp-admin, backend) of your site.


How can I create a free subscription/membership package

When you will run a marketplace that time you should offer some extraordinary discount or facility to your vendor. So that they can be stuck with your marketplace and build a long business relation through your website.

You may need to create free subscription package for your vendor because you want them to upload product without any cost. After one month or 10 days, you may want to charge him to sell product on your website. Becuase a free package will help the vendor to check if your marketplace system is good for him or if he can start his business. So, a trial or non-paid service always attract a customer 🙂

In Dokan subscription, you can easily create a free product. Just create a package as I have mentioned above. Just insert the package price as “0” and insert necessary data like as upload limit or validity. You can check the below screenshot :

After creating the package the vendor will be able to purchase the product with any gateway and he would be able to upload product. Please remember that a free package can be assigned from the vendor profile.

You can view the full video if you have time to learn about Dokan subscription free pack creating system 🙂

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