Dokan Single Product Multivendor for A Fair Marketplace

A marketplace is a place where shoppers and buyers visit randomly and choose the product they want to buy. Thus, comparing products is a common thing any user would look for in an online store. When we are talking about a multi-vendor store, the necessity of this feature becomes more prominent.

Dokan is the best multivendor marketplace plugin for WordPress and ruling over the industry as a market leader. So, what if I told you – Dokan is now offering single product multivendor capabilities to each vendor inside the marketplace developed using Dokan!

Interesting, right?

Well, with the Professional package of Dokan, you can get this exciting new feature. In this blog, we will explore this premium feature and will talk about how it can help you and your eCommerce business.

What is Single Product Multivendor?

Simply from the term itself, we can understand that Single Product Multivendor means allowing the multiple vendors (sellers) to sell the same product at a different price. Sounds familiar?

You got it right! It’s something like duplicating a product and customizing it to match the way vendor wants to deliver. This means a vendor can directly create a similar product with a different price with a single click of a button.

Why Would You Consider this Feature?

Dokan Single Product Multiple Vendor module offers benefits for both admins and vendors; not to mention – users are the ones who get the most advantages from it.

How Single Product Multivendor Helps Admins & Vendors

For marketplace owners i.e. Admins, this module gives an edge over other marketplaces. They can let their vendors have more features and it naturally attracts more vendors to their marketplaces. Admins must enable this feature from the backend of their marketplace.

The settings allow you to configure button text, the placement and also section name.

Vendors can easily add any product from the marketplace, which is already available for sale, to their own stores. This mechanism works like a charm with a single click.

Not only that, your vendors will be able to customize the product details just like creating their own products including the price. After they publish the product, it will be automatically added to their stores. This way they can compete with other vendors in an effective way.

Most Significant Benefits the Buyers Get

Now, the buyers can easily go through the marketplace and choose their favorite products. After choosing, they can easily compare the same product from different vendors. This is one of the most appealing features that a buyer looks into a marketplace. This feature helps them to choose the most suitable product easier than ever.

As you can see, when a user opens a product page, they will see a section like the screenshot above, if the Single Product Multivendor is available. This section contains the same product from other vendors and with different prices. So, the buyer can easily choose the one they want.

How to Avail this Feature for Your Marketplace?

If you want to add this feature, the first question is that you must have a multivendor store. There are lots of WooCommerce Multivendor plugins, amongst them, Dokan is the most powerful and popular one. The free version of Dokan gives you the ability to create a multivendor store with basic features. If you want to get single product multiple vendors features for your store, you have to get the Professional Package.

This special package comes with all the pro features along with 9 different modules that make your multivendor store stand out in the crowd. You can also check the Dokan Demo and find out how it works.

If you check the demo or have already started using the module, don’t forget to share your experience of it.

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