Easy way to generate readme file for your WordPress plugin

Are you a WordPress plugin Developer? If yes, then you already know about readme file. Sometimes you keep thinking how to create a good readme for your plugin. Because your clear description and instruction can speed up your plugin’s download and usage.

Many of my developer friends were struggling to create their plugin’s readme file with proper content. I was searching here and there to find a solution and today I got the best solution for me and for other WordPress plugin developer.

The founder of weDevs Tareq Hasan already made the best solution to generate the readme file easily. He named the tool as WP Readme Generator.

WP Readme Generator :

You can create your readme file directly from this page- https://tools.wedevs.com/readme/ and you can see the result instantly. There is an option to import your existing read me file too. So, it is much easier now to create a good readme for your plugin. You can check a quick video below :

You can also find this tool on github 🙂


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