Enable Guest Blogging Easily within Your WordPress Site

Using a WordPress site and want to turn it into a guest blogging site? Psst…….. you can also earn a good amount from your site! (Seriously!)

Well, today I am going to tell you a dirty little hack that will transform your website into a guest blogging platform in no time. Let’s find out how.

What is Guest Blogging?

Simply put, when you let your users submit or publish blog posts on your site, you are doing guest blogging. This means, using guest blogging you let others publish their content either personal or promotional to your own website. In recent times, it has become a great concept that allows you to become popular easily and also earn a good amount.

You can read about 17 guest posting hacks here, which can be very effective for you.

Transform A WordPress Site into A Guest Blogging Platform

WordPress is an open source platform and it lets you add advanced functionalities to your website using plugins. There are thousands of plugin available on wordpress.org fulfilling your requirements over the years. WP User Frontend is one of them that lets you create frontend posting forms.

You may ask why are we talking about frontend posting forms instead of guest blogging?

Well, when you are planning to enable guest blogging, you must let your users write and publish their posts. In such situation, would it be a great idea to let them access the backend or Admin Panel of your site? I guess no!

So, when you can create frontend posting forms and let your users create their own posts from the frontend you fulfill both purposes –

  • You are letting users create their own post and publish them as guest blogger
  • You are also keeping your site safe from external threats

So, let’s find out how to use WP User Frontend.

Install & Configure WPUF

Installing WPUF is very easy. Just like any other WordPress plugin, navigate to – wp-admin → Plugins → Add New.

Search for User Frontend, click install and activate. Easy, right?

Now, WPUF will ask you to create required important pages. Simply, click on the Install WPUF Pages and will create the pages automatically.

Create Your First Frontend Form

Creating forms in WPUF is also very easy. You can use the powerful yet easy drag and drop form builder and generate post forms. However, there are readymade templates for you. You can use them as well.

Navigate to – wp-admin → User Frontend → Post Forms → Add Form


Now, choose Post Form and your form will be created. You can edit some portion if you want.

Publish Your Form and Let User Submit their Guest Posts

Now, copy the shortcode beside the form name and paste on a new page. Publish and share your frontend posting form to your guest users.


Create Subscription Packs If Required

If you are really planning to earn from guest blogging, then you should create some subscriptions using WP User Frontend. Here is a detailed guide to create subscription packs and how to let users publish posts based on those packages.

You can also enable guest posting options from settings.

wp user frontend pro

You can also read this blog for more tips on how to earn from guest blogging using WP User Frontend Pro.


Now that you have created your own frontend posting form for your guest bloggers, you can also create a dashboard for your users. The dashboard will contain my account page, edit profile page and will show all their posts in a single place on the frontend. You can read the details documentation of WP User Frontend from here. It also has a premium version that offers more functionalities like subscription, payments and much more.

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