Look Back 2016!

It may be hard to say goodbye but eventually you are going to find the good in goodbye! I am passing the year of 2016 and waiting to welcome 2017 🙂

2016 was very good for my blog because I got 33,000+ visitors over the year and got so many guest post request. A few days ago I have published a guest post which was too good and the response was great from my regular visitor. Thanks to my all of the visitor for their helpful response.

Achievement of my blog: 

In 2016 I have published 45 blog posts. All of the posts were viewed by tons of visitors and got some valuable feedback. At least 33,000 users visited my website from 90+ countries. 

I was very happy when I saw that I got a huge response in this week from my visitors from 98 countries. I am sharing the visitor number from all those countries from last few days –

Success of WooCommerce Login Redirect

Another important thing that needs to be addressed is that one of my plugins, WooCommerce Login Redirect, has been downloaded more than 4000 times in 2016. This is a great success for me and my plugin. This free plugin is very handy for WooCommerce users because they can specify custom pages which will be shown to their users after login.

WooCommerce login redirect has helped a lot of users by offering better user experience. After login, users are redirected to my account page, which can turn out to be a problem to the users. Using this plugin, it is possible to specify page which will be shown after a user login.

The success of my Support carrier:

Customer support is my passion and I am trying my best to provide the best support to our clients. I am working for weDevs Ltd as a Support Engineer and 2016 was good. I have served 12,393 tickets in last 12 months and each day I have served 34 replies (Average).

To reply to a ticket I took 3m 31sec and the average response time was 7h 46m for each ticket. However, I have tried my best to solve all the issues of my client. If you want to know what is the secret behind my success then I will reply you in one sentence- ” You are a guardian of your customer so, treat him as like a father does with his son“. You should understand your customer very well. I will try to write another post for being good in customer support though I am not very good in it 🙂


Wish me luck for upcoming 2017 and advance Happy New Year to all of you 🙂

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