Pokemon Go! – Trend of New Generation!

Pokemon fans around the worlds, have you ever wondered you will be able to catch your favorite Pokemon in real life?
Well, that is pretty old now. We all know Pokemon Go! is already out in USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
Good news for Asia, it will be available very soon. So people who are using spoofing for catching Pokemon, beware! I have heard people are getting banned more than two or three times for spoofing.

pokemon go
Pokemon Go has turned out to be a trend more than a game! The real and actual old school Pokemon Fans are outnumbered because of the trend seeking people around the world. This has taken Pokemon Go to its peak as people have downloaded more than 10 million times in the opening day!
Now analytics are showing that it is more popular than Tinder. Soon it will reach the number of users equal to Twitter. Another study showed Pokemon Go is being search more than Porn!

You won’t believe some guy in New Zealand just quit his job to become a Pokemon Master. And yesterday in USA hundreds of people charged toward central park New York just to catch a wild Charizard. Calm down people! Whats wrong with you!!!
Many accidents and other questionable activities are also being reported all over the world due to Pokemon Go!
But the good thing is we can catch Pokemon! Trend is taking over so Real Pokelovers don’t worry trend seeking people will quit very soon, then it will be our time to take over the world with our Strongest Pokemon. By the way I have one 800 CP Rydon. Anyone wanna battle?


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