Quickly edit your user’s profile

You do not have enough time to edit the entire profile! so, quick edit option can be a time-saving feature for you.

You have tons of users on your WordPress site and you want to update their profile information. It is a time killer for me to edit their profile and update the information from the edit page.

As you know that there is no quick edit option into the user profile list as the WooCommerce product has the quick edit option.

wordpress user quick editor

Now, it would be a great feature to edit the user profile quickly rather than editing the entire profile.

How Can I Do ?

I know you have a question on your mind that how you will get the quick edit option for the user profile. Here is the most interesting thing I am going to share with you.

I have a friend who is a great WordPress plugin developer. He thinks quick and probably for that reason, he made a plugin edit the user profile quickly. Quick idea from a quick mind. What do you think?

wordpress user quick editor

He made an awesome plugin WP User Quick Edit and I have used the plugin first on my website. It is very helpful.

What can be done by this plugin?

I will suggest you to install the plugin first and then you will have a smile on your face. So, let me show what can you edit by using this quick user profile editor plugin-

  1. Edit your user email
  2. User first name
  3. Last name
  4. Nickname
  5. Role
  6. Display name
  7. Biographical Information & more…

wordpress quick user editor

wordpress quick user profile editor

So, why you are waiting?

this plugin and save your time to edit your user’s profile.

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