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Today I will discuss an important and interesting plugin which can make your website more beautiful as you need.  When you are planning to make a good website that means you are thinking about a good theme. There are lots of theme for WordPress (Free/Paid). I know you are choosing multiple themes but each theme has a different layout. Sometimes you think that if you could mix all the layout in a single theme 😉 

If you have to think like me then yes, this post is for you. You have pages like as Blog and Shop. Now, you have two different themes but you do not like the all the pages from both themes. Let me try to make it easy –

You have installed theme A and B. Now, the theme “A” has a great layout for the blog section and “B” theme has a great layout for the shop page. By default, it is not possible to use multiple themes on a fresh WordPress installation.

How can I user different theme for the different page?

You are thinking the same as I had 🙂 No need to worry! I have the best solution for you. There is a free plugin available to use a different theme for the different page.


I was searching for a good plugin and found Multiple Themes plugin. This plugin will easily solve your problem. You will be able to use a different theme for the different page. If you want to use theme A layout for your Blog page and theme B for your Shop page then you can install Multiple Themes plugin on your site 🙂


How it Works: This plugin does not change the Active Theme defined to WordPress in the Appearances-Themes Admin panel. Instead, it dynamically (and selectively) overrides that setting. Which means that simply deactivating (or deleting) this plugin will restore the way that Themes were displayed prior to installing this plugin. However, in some situations, it is possible to inadvertently alter Theme Options for the Active Theme when using either of the Methods described on the plugin’s Setting page Theme Options tab.

You can visit the plugin URL to read more description about the plugin. If you have any question related the plugin then you can ask their support.




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