WooCommerce v2.6.0!


Major Update

Recently WooCommerce has released a major update on 4/06/16. You will be shocked after updating to the latest version. They have changed their layout for my account page and it looks pretty awesome.
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.18.40 AM


  • Feature – Introduced Shipping Zone functionality, and re-usable instance based shipping methods.
  • Feature – Tabbed “My Account” area.
  • Feature – Cart operations now use ajax (item quantities/remove, coupon apply/remove, shipping options).
  • Feature – Layered nav; filter by rating.
  • Feature – On-hold order emails.
  • Dev – All new REST API based on the WP REST API. The old WC REST API is still available, but the new one is preferred.
  • Dev – Added ability for shipping methods to store meta data to the order.
  • Dev – Added Payment Gateway Tokenization API for storing and retrieving tokens in a standardized manner.
  • Dev – Migrated custom term meta implementation to WP Term Meta.
  • Dev – Added new wc_get_orders() function to get order objects and ids instead of direct get_posts() calls.
  • Dev – Made coupon optional in cart has_discount() method.
  • Dev – Made the review template more editable.
  • Dev – Allowed product constructors to throw exceptions if invalid.
  • Dev – Wrapped currency symbols in a span to allow styling or replacement.
  • Fix – Update download permission user and email when changed.
  • Fix – Fixed shipping method unregistration.
  • Fix – Stopped create and update webhooks firing at the same time for products.
  • Fix – Allow COD to set on-hold status if the order contains downloads.
  • Fix – Force CURL to use TLS 1.2 for PayPal connections.
  • Tweak – Improved lost password flow.
  • Tweak – Show payment dates on order screen.
  • Tweak – Ignore catalog visibility on products shortcode when specifying IDs or SKUs.
  • Tweak – Added context to checkout error messages.
  • Tweak – Added SKU field to grouped products.
  • Tweak – Support qty display in cart messages.
  • Tweak – Hide min order amount field when not needed in shipping settings.
  • Tweak – If shipping < 999.99, use ‘shipping’ arg when passing values to PayPal.
  • Tweak – Show net sales on dashboard.
  • Tweak – Replaced credit card icons with SVG.
  • Tweak – Enqueue scripts on pages with checkout shortcodes.
  • Tweak – Color code the manual, system and customer notes.
  • Tweak – Layered Nav Refactoring to improve performance.
  • Tweak – Removed tag/cat classes from loops since WP does the same.
  • Tweak – Added hash check for orders so that if the cart changes before payment, a new order is made.
  • Tweak – Removed unused ‘view mode’ under screen options.
  • Tweak – Added 110 new currencies (including Bitcoin).
  • Tweak – New background updater for data upgrades.
  • Tweak – Blank slates in admin post screens.
  • Tweak – Added blockui when variations are being retrieved via ajax.
  • Tweak – Hide empty taxes by default (filterable).
  • Tweak – Allow failed orders to be edited.
  • Tweak – If there are no shipping methods setup, don’t prompt for shipping at checkout.
  • Tweak – Allowed country exclusion, rather than just inclusion, in ‘sell to’ setting.
  • Lots, lots more – see the comparison here.

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