How WordPress Made E-commerce Easier

We all have business ideas living somewhere in the back of our minds. Some of them are pretty great, and others may be questionable. However, the truth is that the only truly bad ideas are the ones that are never realized.

You have probably heard of these lines before. This is the age of internet and today we have got lot more opportunities to make millions of dollars online without requiring tons of investment.  One of the most popular ways is e-commerce.

The purpose of the internet is to make our lives comfortable. There are a lot of people like me who don’t like to go shopping and spend hours on deciding what to buy. Thanks to the internet, today I have the facility to buy everything and anything online, compare prices and choose the one that meets my needs.

This is the reason why over the past couple of years we have an exponential increase in e-commerce. E-commerce is already a trillion dollar industry and Global Retail E-commerce Sales will reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021. (Statista). Moreover, the 67% of Millennial prefer to shop online rather than in-store.

There is no debate in saying that e-commerce is offering a promising future for investors and is not holding back. Even if you have a brick and mortar store, it’s time for you to get it online as it gives your business exposure and an access to the bigger market.

What Makes WordPress So Special?

As a beginner in the industry, you might be thinking that it’s pretty difficult and costly to set up an online store. Well if you are thinking that way, then let me tell you that online store setup today is easy than ever before. Thanks to WordPress, today you have the opportunity to start an online store in less than a week without requiring much of dollars.

The e-commerce industry owes a big thanks to WordPress. It is arguably the most amazing e-commerce web development platform especially for beginners and small business owners.

Here are some the advantages of using WordPress,

  • WP is extremely cost-effective and easy to setup. You can start your own online store without requiring any coding knowledge or help from developers.
  • The maintenance is cheap, and again, you don’t need any technical knowledge. You can manage store all by yourself without hiring a designer.
  • WordPress is 100% SEO friendly. The advantage of using WordPress is that it utilizes constant and straightforward codes making your website ideal for google indexing.
  • The customization ability and flexibility is amazing. There are tons of free and paid plugins developed by third parties that you can install to add features and enhance user experience.
  • WordPress themes offer a seamless interaction with social networks. You no longer need to login to your Facebook or Google+ accounts etc. one by one as you can manage everything under roof.
  • The most important advantage is the mobile compatibility. The mobile usage has officially surpassed desktop usage, and a mobile-friendly web design is no longer an option. It’s a must-have. WordPress offers a seamless user experience across all viewports.

The benefits of WordPress are endless. It has made e-commerce simple, straight and easy for anyone to have his online business setup within days if not hours.

Some Tips to Build The Perfect WordPress E-commerce Website

To be honest, e-commerce web development can be tricky. You must do a lot of research before you kick off with the development process. Here are some of the essential guidelines that will help you in the development,

Choose a Reliable Hosting Server

I hope you know what basically a server is. In simple words, it is a computer that hosts all your data. You must choose the server carefully and make sure that it doesn’t run out on bandwidth. For a beginner, it is more suitable to start with a shared hosting as it cheap and budget-friendly for small site operations. Later, if you realize that you need more bandwidth, you can switch to the dedicated server to ensure an uncompromised performance.

Excellent Navigation

Navigation is like a roadmap that leads your visitors to the different sections of your website. If your navigation is poor, a user is more likely to abandon your website and this is the major cause of increased bounce rates. Good navigation enhances the user experience, and your customers remain engaged and convert.

Here are some tips to improve navigation

  • Position filtered navigation correctly
  • Provide relevant filters and enable manual input
  • Provide auto-complete functionality
  • Display a Product Counter and keep category names simple 

Content, Images and Videos

Visual elements such as images, videos, and graphics, in general, play an important role in user engagement. Some people here might say “what on the inside matters the most” but the truth is aesthetics do play an important role. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why a user is going to leave your website in less than 10 seconds because he finds the content layout unattractive. The next important thing is the on-page content. It has to be neat and plagiarism free.

The Power of SEO

Without SEO, your website is nothing but a dead soul placed online. If you want to bring it to life, you need to do SEO. It’s not difficult as it sounds and you can do all by yourself as their many online courses available. You can also learn a lot of things from SEO gurus like Neil Patel. An effective SEO strategy will give a competitive advantage and will take your sales to a whole level.


It’s time for you to bring your e-commerce idea to life. WordPress has got your back. These guidelines will help you to expand your reach and unlock the power of an e-commerce website in a true sense.

Author Bio: Zeeshan Khalid is a Web Architect, an eCommerce Specialist and an Entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of FME Extensions, a leading e-commerce web design and development agency. Over the years, FME Extensions has successfully delivered projects in Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla and other CMS/shopping cart platforms. You can find him on the LinkedIn.

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