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Top 5 facts why WooCommerce is an emerging business solution

WordPress is an open source platform that lets you have a seamless experience with a lot of functionalities and features. WooCommerce is a plugin introduced to be integrated with WordPress to develop a more versatile approach when creating an online store. It features a more controlled and impeccable system that allows selling your physical or digital goods by utilizing its vast options and features.

If you are planning to start your online business then WooCommerce is the best option for you. From the last few years, WooCommerce has come up as the most emerging and foremost platform for entrepreneurs. Here are the top 5 reasons why WooCommerce is a highly preferable business solution.

Offer flexibility

Online business owners are very much gratified with the flexibility and simplicity of WooCommerce. One can easily create categories based on the characteristics or quality of the products, create price tags and descriptions without having a deeper knowledge of the platform. It’sideal for the newbies to make great progress by utilizing its extensive features. Also, you can analyze and track your sales and orders and much morethrough a built-in analytic tool.

Free of cost

Being an open source platform, you don’t have to spend a dime on subscription charges and onannoying costly packages. Though, there are other well-known platforms that come up with their own features but that aren’t free of cost. You have to pay for each multiplex functionality and sometimes you meet up with hidden charges if your website starts progressing. If you are already using WordPress you will not face any troubles using a WooCommerce platform.

Highly secure

The WordPress platform is designed to make it fully secure against bugs and viruses. WordPress is highly trusted platform for e-commerce businesses and many well known WooCommerce sites are already generating their businesses and are having a huge quantity of its trusted customers that perform millions of transactions on these sites on daily basis. Well before downloading a WordPress theme or plugin, make sure it is from a well-trusted site, also WordPress development teamkeeps on updating its core software to prevent attacks from hackers. You have numerous security plugins to shield your online business presence from malicious attacks.

Easy Customization

There is a huge catalog of themes and plugins available to download for users to customize their websites the way they want. With all these multiple options and endless features, you are having a choice to make it look like as you wish. Hundreds of its themes are available free of cost and many of themes comes with a built-in option of changing colors, changing styles and changing templates etc.

Smooth payment options

Accepting payments from customers through WordPress platform is super easy and straightforward. Many payment gateways allow smooth integration on your WordPress site through the provided API’s and you can also perform your transaction from a well-regarded payment platform called PayPal. There is no need to have merchant account as these gateways can be embedded into the website.

Merchants can also integrate country compatible payment options, can indicate currencies and can also include translations in payment gateways for making it more stabilized and secure. A major challenge many vendors face is converting online visitors to customers. By listing top-notch products, applying web page optimization techniques and making the checkout process simpler, one can easily increase the number of its customers. A convenient checkout process can be achieved by applying one of these three steps:

  1.  Making it limited to one page.
  2.  Directing customers to the checkout process by one click i.e. skipping the add to cart step
  3.  Embedding a sticky checkout option

These all three techniques can be achieved through one WooCommerce skip cart plugin.

Final Thoughts

WooCommerce is a revolutionary advancement in the field of e-commerce, besides having an ease of use and multiple features, one can easily initiate its marketing campaign by adding discount offers,coupon codes and other promotions on his/her site. Also, if you are stuck somewhere else and having trouble figuring something out, the WordPress customer support is there to guide you. Also, there are a variety of tutorials available on the internet, that will guide you as how to set up your WooCommerce business.

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