Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace

Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace(works also if your website isn’t a marketplace) for only €2 per month.

This is a plugin of the German company GaJeLabs, which helps you deal with multiple currencies within your platform, with many regards, and makes you improve your incomes. 

It is the first part of the bulk of a big product which overall makes it very easy, affordable, to sell, deliver products worldwide, and do tax returns(including solutions for taxes, landed costs, shipping, payment, third-party integrations like avalara, FedEx, Xero, and more). 

We keep on adding further features and functions to this plugin, which you can all use at the same cost.

Here is a glimpse of the features it contains

  • Manually set the rates between currencies (earn money additionally).
  • Set up manual rates between all currencies you want and the website’s currency.
  • These rates also apply using the multiple plugins widgets available for buyers within the website.
  • You can even increase these rates with a threshold to better prepare for fluctuations for example, or to define your commission on sales with this specific currency.
  • You can provide the real currencies symbols instead of currencies code, like for example €, ₪, ¥, £.
  • You can decide how you want to position the currency and it’s symbol to display.
  • Automatic rates between currencies (best rates API).
  • We got an internal module and routines providing you the best live rates at a time between two currencies.
  • We also keep on pushing on this front accordingly and calculate better rates than payment solutions like PayPal.
  • Format the currencies and symbol display.
  • As you can see within the picture below, the AED symbol has been added to the specific currency description.
  • Automatic clients currency calculation and display.
  • This is mostly based on our geo API module, providing detailed information about the customer’s position. Finer than a country or city level, with for example(on demand) the possibility to let the user change the geolocation to be considered.
  • Mobile and app friendly.
  • You can use these features on your iOS / Android apps.
  • You can decide whether you want to use the widget within the mobile version of your website or not.
  • You can configure some specific behavior(like color) on your mobile widgets.

More features are available and keep on improving(see picture below).

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0 thoughts on “Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace

  1. Hello, I want to use “SCD – Smart Currency Detector – Variant for Dokan” but when I activate it gives a technical error and breaks the whole website, it seems it is not compatible with the current version, could you please ask the developer to update the plugin. Thank you so much.

    1. Hey Ammar,

      thanks for reaching out.

      Meanwhile we’re compatible to the latest version of Dokan(weren’t compatible for a short while then improved accordingly).

      Can you please check again and let me know?
      Here a trial of the premium version.

      Thank you

      Best regards from Germany,

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