Why is ChatGPT not a danger to your career?

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate human-like text. It has been used in various applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants, and content creation. While it is a powerful tool that can automate many tasks, some people are […]

Admin Tour – WordPress Plugin (For Non-Technical Users)

An admin tour is a special type of WordPress plugin that is used to help non-technical admin users. It minimizes the intellectual distance between a non-technical admin user and the developer by providing the new admins with a tour of the admin panel. Whenever a […]

Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace

Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace(works also if your website isn’t a marketplace) for only €2 per month. This is a plugin of the German company GaJeLabs, which helps you deal with multiple currencies within your platform, with many regards, and makes you improve your […]

ACF For Dokan PRO – Compatible with Vendor registration form and managing orders

Hope you have checked the ACF For Dokan plugin which helps vendors to add or edit custom fields created from the ACF.  The PRO version of the plugin allows vendors to add or edit custom fields for the below scenarios: New fields for Vendor Registration […]

How to set the “I am a vendor” checkbox enabled by default in Dokan?

If you are using Dokan multivendor plugin then you already know that this plugin allow your user to register as a vendor. On the my-account page Dokan adds two radio button – I am a customer I am a vendor By default Dokan always set […]

How to earn additional cash money with SCD?

With SCD, our plugin for managing currency conversion for single-vendor sites (sites in which the seller has only installed woocommerce) and multi-vendor sites (sites in which a marketplace plugin is installed: dokan, wcfm, wcmp , wc vendors), it is possible to generate profit margins on […]

ACF For Dokan – A solution to add new field in Dokan product form

Facing an issue with adding a new field for vendor product management? Here is thethe solution, ACF For Dokan.The idea came to mind as I have to do the same process of adding a new field on theproduct upload form for multiple projects. The process […]

Hiding other shipping methods when FREE SHIPPING is available in Dokan Multivendor

Shipping is one of the main functionalities of any marketplace/e-commerce website. When you are selling online, you might be thinking of providing free shipping to your customer depending on their purchase amount. This post is for those users who already have a marketplace and know […]

A New Youtube Channel

It has been 4 years since I am continuously writing on my blog and trying to help all the users using WordPress and providing tips and tricks for some specific plugins. I am not sure if I could help some users to solve any problem […]

How to make price & image field required in Dokan

It is very common that your vendor submit their product with a good cover image and price but sometimes, they can miss it because by default it is not required. If any vendor skip the image and price mistakenly then your website will have product […]