Introducing WooCommerce 2.4.0

WooCommerce users already informed about the new release of v2.4.0. In this latest version user will get bundle of new feature to make their selling more easy.

What’s New?

You will be happy when you will get the new onboarding wizard. It will also help you to give priority of the shipping method. If you are using couple of method then this feature will help you like charm. It is definitely a good news for store owner.

If you are using variation for product then you can save your time now. Because WooCOmmerce Product variations now load 20 at a time and without refreshing.
You can read their new feature list and you can update the plugin to get those features.

    – Onboarding/setup wizard for new users to handle basic store settings and installation.
    – Improved help tabs with inline video tutorials where applicable.
    – New AJAX powered variations interface to improve edit product page loading times and posting large amounts of data.
    – For products with many variations, on the frontend switch to AJAX to load matching variations based on user input attributes, instead of doing it all inline.
    – Show full category hierarchy in permalinks.
    – Added priorities for shipping methods to give more control over defaults.
    – Added a new geolocation option to support static page caching using AJAX and a query string.
    – Email notifications for partial refunds.
    – Visual API authentication endpoint for 3rd party use.
    – API key generation changes. Secret keys no longer stored in database.
    – Refactored Flat Rate Shipping for simplicity.

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