Actionable Tips from Experts to Boost E-commerce Sales

Running an online store requires a continuous focus on improving sales. A steep increase in sales figures is the symbol of your store’s success that is why you need to plan different strategies to keep on reaping conversions.

Before you move ahead with devising and implementing a strategy, you have to make the foundation of your webshop stronger and reliable, which depends on the design, speed, and performance. Once, you are sure the design is attractive and engaging enough, you can try on different methods. Here, I am sharing some of the actionable tips to keep you growing eCommerce sales. 

1. Optimize for speed and performance 

Web users are quick to judge, evaluate, and leave or stay on your website. They are in a hurry to get their shopping done as soon as possible without worrying much about a website. If a website loads quickly it is fine, else, they may switch the tab. 

According to a report, slow-loading websites are costing around $2.6 billion each year to the retailers in lost sales. Your website will be no different in conversion declines if it has an unbearable loading speed and poor performance. The eCommerce websites can seek professional services such as Magento 2 Speed Performance Optimization to make sure every page is loading super fast at the user end regardless of the browse or mobile device they are using.  

2. Use packaging for product promotion 

Are you still using packaging material that does not include your business name, logo, address, and contact details? If yes, you are missing out on a great opportunity for promotion free of cost. Product packaging is an innovative medium for marketing.

It not only shows your brand name to existing customers but the potential customers as well. Reach out a whole lot of new customers by getting branded boxes, envelopes, invoices, shipping and credit memos, etc. maximize your sales by sharing the link to your eCommerce website on the packaging.

3. Stay active on various platforms 

An eCommerce store has often ensured presences on various social media, social bookmarking, forums, and review websites. If you have also created business profiles on various platforms, try to stay active for answering any question a potential customer may ask and reply each comment either that’s an appreciation or a complaint about your online business. 

4. Create a sense of urgency 

Boost your sales by creating urgency on specific or all of your store items. You can do this by setting products on flash sales with a countdown timer, showing a progress bar of products in stock, or giving a coupon code with limited expiry. You can plan other creative ways of making the users take quick action with daily or hourly deals. Seek if you can bring back previous customers with email marketing for higher conversions. 

5. Have a loyalty program

Invest in your returning customers by giving them discounts and rewards through a loyalty program. It is one of the effective ways of boosting eCommerce sales as making your existing customer’s shop again is easier than convincing a new visitor.

You can find loyal customers by their order amount and frequency. You can implement varying loyalty programs. The most one is a coupon code and point-based system. Set a fixed or percentage discount coupon whenever a customer orders again, or let them earn points on their purchases, which is redeemable on your store.

6. Serve customers beyond their expectations 

The online buyers always have higher expectations as they place their orders because they lack the real touch that can be found in shopping from a brick and mortar store. the inability to see, feel, and touch a product make them expect more from an eCommerce website as they realize the product which is not based on reality. 

An actionable tip, but rather a difficult one, is to serve your customers beyond their expectations. You can initiate it by trying to be true and fair in the product description and trying to deliver more than how you have defined a product. Do not brag about the product as it plays a major role in increasing buyers’ expectations.  

7. Turn loyal customers into brand advocates

Doing business for a month or two may help you earn an army of loyal customers. You can help them refer to your products or services, bring more customers, and boost sales. The question is, how you will be able to compel them to refer your products to their near and dear ones? The answer lies in the pursuit of rewards.

By introducing a referral program, they can step ahead in helping people in their social circle make a purchase and get a return in terms of discounts and rewards. You can encourage them with an awareness campaign with a slogan that you can earn rewards now for products you usually refer to your friends and family. 

8. Provide a brilliant shopping experience 

Create a shopping experience that impresses customers and make them remember your store. for example, you can send coupons if they want to leave the page or cancel the tab. Follow-up customers by email updates about discounts, new arrivals, best selling items, etc. Describe your products on your blog with interactive content. Improving mobile user experience with a quick checkout method is appreciated a lot.

9. Ensure Fast Delivery

I remember when I was a content seller with an express delivery that is 24 hours or same-day delivery; I used to get orders every single day without bidding for it. The online buyers return to your eCommerce website when they are sure they will get their products as soon as possible. Have reliable shipping partners to have a competitive edge in delivering products to your valued customers in the meantime possible.

10. Seek an easier user experience 

There is not a fixed formula for designing an improved user experience as it differs from business to business and website to website. An option that may be attractive and easier for an apparel shop may not be as effective for a kids’ toyshop. Therefore, work on recognizing the pain points of your web design and replace them with easier navigation, simple buttons, and attractive options. 

Final words 

Actionable tips for boosting eCommerce sales starts with speed and performance optimization of your store. You will not be able to attract and engage users if pages are taking more than acceptable time to load in a user device.

Promoting business on product packing, stay active on various platforms, and having a loyal program are among the must-have strategies. Sales can also jump if try to achieve consumer trust with referral programs, prompt delivering, and serving beyond their expectations.

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