Changing bank withdrawal form fields on vendor dashboard

Wire transfer is very common. When you are doing business over the Internet that time Bank to Bank transfer can be another solution to send or receive your payment.

Similarly, the best multivendor marketplace plugin Dokan has a withdraw method called “Bank Transfer”. This method can be used to send commission amount to the vendor directly in his bank account. Each country/region has a separate system of bank transfer. Like as, in Country A swift code is required on the other hand Country B required IBAN number. Also, in some country IBAN can be called in a different name like as Routing Number.

It is obvious that a plugin can not provide all the things you need. You might wish to change the text Name of Bank to Name of your Bank on the vendor settings area or you might need to change the Bank Transfer to Wire Transfer. You can easily do it by adding some piece of codes.

Where I will get the code?

If you are thinking like this then yes, it is possible but you have to do some simple code. No need to worry! I am giving you the code for free 😀

How can I change label or remove field?

The Bank transfer method feilds are coming from dokan-lite/includes/withdraw-functions.php file. Now there is no default settings to change the label or removing field. You can only add some codes to change the label. There is a filter on the withdraw method register function- dokan_withdraw_register_methods  which is dokan_withdraw_methods . I will use this filter to do the job.

Please install a child theme before moving forward because child theme is safe to modify any specifc function and you won’t lose your modification during the plugin or theme update. If you have installed a child theme then just insert the below code on your child-theme functions.php file –

After adding above codes you will see that Bank transfer label has been changed and also some of placeholders text are changed –

Label and Placeholders got changed

In that code snippet, you can do anything like as if you need you can add a new filed as per the code and also you can remove specific field.

Read more about Dokan withdraw methods here.

12 thoughts on “Changing bank withdrawal form fields on vendor dashboard

  1. Hi

    I am finding following error when i insert above code in my functions.php

    syntax error, unexpected ‘<', expecting end of file

    Please do update the code.

    1. Hello, You must mistakenly inserted an extra string. Kindly check on your editor and fix it. Because when I am using my code its working fine. If still problem then fill the contact form then I will assist

  2. Update – worked finally.

    In order to work enter the code under the existing <?php tag of your functions.php and remove the <?php from the beginning of the new code.

  3. But now my question is:
    When i remove a field it works but when someone try to withdraw with all other fields fully completed it says that all fields must be completed.

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