Dokan Multivendor Plugin by weDevs is best plugin to create your marketplace!

Nowadays, an e-commerce website is one of the best ways to earn money. If you are running a business to sell a product or any kind of service then a website is a must for you to get more customer. It would be better if you can have your own e-commerce website from where you can sell your product directly to the customer through the internet.

I want to share a better idea, which is not about a regular e-commerce solution. Today I want to inform you that you can also earn a huge amount of money by creating a marketplace where too many small business owners or any seller can sell their own products!

How can I earn from another seller?

I know you are thinking about the same question. You can create a multi-vendor marketplace where a user can register as a vendor and he/she can upload and sell his own product. The seller will manage their own store. Now, as you are the marketplace owner so there is a good way to earn from your seller. You can set commission for each seller and after that, you will get a commission from the each sale of your seller. Is not it awesome?

How to create a marketplace?

If you have a WordPress website which you have used to submit blog then you are done. You can easily turn your blog site into a multi-vendor marketplace. If you do not have any WordPress website then create it today because WordPress is free to install on your server.

In your WordPress site just install WooCommerce plugin and after installing it, you are one step behind to get your own marketplace.

After installing WooCommerce successfully, now install Dokan Multi-vendor plugin on your website. You are done!

Dokan Plugin- the best solution for Multivendor Marketplace

Dokan plugin is one of the best plugins to create your own multi-vendor marketplace which works on WooCommerce. It has all the feature which are necessary to create a good marketplace. After installing Dokan, your user will be able to register as a vendor. Each and every vendor will get their own frontend dashboard that means they would not able to access the backend. The vendor will also get his own store page on the frontend to show his product.

A vendor can upload their own product from the frontend dashboard and they can manage their own stock for the product. The product can be a simple product or variable product. Perhaps Dokan allows most of the product type of WooCommerce including simple, variable, downloadable. On the product upload form, you will get the easiest upload form to insert all the data for the product. Read more description here.

If a customer purchase a product then that vendor can manage his own order. Also, a customer can purchase from multiple vendors at the same time. Order management system is a unique feature of Dokan plugin. You can check this doc.

I know you are thinking that how the vendor will offer a discount to the customer ? Yes, the vendor can create their own coupon for his store-

The store owner can manage their own shipping from the frontend dashboard. He will be able to set his own shipping rate for different country or state. If need to change the rate for any specific product then the overriding system is also available.

Dokan has a lot of good features and if I start to describe it all then I need to write minimum 10 posts about it.

You can check the full product description and documentation from their official doc site- and also you can download the free version from this link. Dokan has a pro version too.

I want to inform why Dokan is the best for a marketplace.

Why Dokan?

When you go to a market to purchase a product you always check the review of that product from existing user. If you agree with me then check the reviews of Dokan plugin-

If you ask me to judge then I would not judge the plugin only with the review because it has a great feature which can be rated 10 times. I have used WC Vendor and Product Vendor but Dokan is the best for me.

Recently Dokan is integrated with WooCommerce Booking plugin which is very helpful. Now if you want to create a website for your hotel or event then you can easily use Dokan to get this multivendor facalities with Booking.

I will suggest you to read about Dokan here- and also if you have any pre-sales question then you can contact their support.

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