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Creating separate registration form for the vendor in Dokan Multivendor plugin

A registration form is the most important part of a website. Now when it is about a Multivendor marketplace that time you may need to register two type of users like as customer and vendor. Most of the Multivendor plugin for WordPress is using WooCommerce my-account page to register vendor and customer.

When a visitor is coming on the WooCommerce my-account page, he/she is getting both registration option for a customer or vendor which is not really bad. But each marketplace does not have the same way to operate the website. So, they need a separate registration for the customer and vendor. Because A customer should not take a load of a vendor registration form field while he is not registering as a vendor.

Today, I will discuss about one of the best multivendor marketplace plugin called “Dokan Multivendor Marketplace“. If you do not know about Dokan then read my post here.

Default registration form in Dokan

Usually, Dokan plugin generates the registration form on the default my-account page of WooCommerce. It has both option to register as a customer or vendor.

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Who does not want to show the vendor registration on the same page where the customer does registration, this post is really helpful for them!

How to create a separate registration form in Dokan?


Dokan plugin has a great functionality to separate the registration form through shortcode. So, you can create a new WordPress page from your Admin panel ➣ Pages ➣ Add new.

Now, on the new page, you have to insert the page title like as Vendor Registration. On the post content area, there is a tool from Dokan which contains all the available shortcode of Dokan plugin.

Shortcode selector

From the drop-down of shortcode list, you have to select Vendor Registration Form to insert the shortcode –

After inserting the shortcode, just save and publish the page.

You can now set your newly created vendor registration page on your menu and if the user clicks on it then registration form will appear.

Finally, your vendor and customer can register from a separate registration page. The page layout of the registration might change due to your theme. If you use any Dokan compatible theme then it will work great!

Which theme is Dokan compatible?

You can check for more from here.


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  1. do you het the otion disabled on the myaccount page for vendor registration when you have a seperate page for it

    • Hello,

      When you have separate registration page that time you may need to modify the dokan-lite/templates/global/seller-registration-form.php file to remove the “I am a vendor” radion section.

      • Nasir Nasir

        Can you explain how to do that?

        • I have written already the entire process on the post. Can you let me know which part you did not understand?

          • Nasir Nasir

            How to modify the dokan-lite/templates/global/seller-registration-form.php file to remove the “I am a vendor” radion section.

            Thank you

  2. Roslan Roslan

    How can you create a vendor registration page with one time registration payment?

    • Hello,

      Dokan has subscription feature to charge vendor during registration for uploading product.

  3. @Nasir,

    You can modify the seller-registration-form.php file via child theme 🙂

  4. alv82 alv82

    You explain how to create a registration page for vendors only but how can i create a registration page for customers only? thank you.

  5. Hi,
    Firstly Thanks for this awesome post . My concern is :
    When I make this registration page , I am unable to see the subscription package that I made for Vendors while registration . Its visible on default registration form on My -Account page . But when I create the registration form in separate page , I cant see the subscription package . Do you have any suggesstion regarding this issue ?

    • Hello,

      Dokan is not showing subscription at this time on the separate form. You can contact them directly 🙂

  6. Ahmed Magdy Ahmed Magdy

    When i publish the page and go to the link a 404 page is showing to me ! I did exactly what you did ! What may be the problem ?!

  7. Jonathan Jonathan

    Hey, How can I take out the password field out of this form? Since woo-commerce sends a temp password to the new vendor’s email. There is no need for this field.

    • Hello,

      If you have enabled Automatic password to generate option from WooCommerce settings then password field should not show 🙂

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