Hide Admin Account From Vendor List In Dokan Backend

Dokan Multivendor plugin has a cool feature to show all the vendor list on the WordPress Backend -> Dokan -> Vendors area. Where the site admin can easily edit any vendor information, banner image, or profile image.

Now, the main problem is the vendor list is not only showing a vendor account. It is also showing all the administrator account too. So, if your website has 5 admins and 20 vendors then on the vendor list it is showing 25. Arggh! sometimes you might get confused that how come I have 25 vendors while the User list is showing 20 :/

How to hide admin account from the vendor list?

You need a child theme’s functions.php or use PHP inserter plugin to use the below code –

After saving the code, kindly check the vendor list then you will see the difference 😀

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