How to make price & image field required in Dokan

It is very common that your vendor submit their product with a good cover image and price but sometimes, they can miss it because by default it is not required. If any vendor skip the image and price mistakenly then your website will have product without image which does not look good to a customer. Even without price, customer might purchase it without any payment.

It is possible to make these two fields required through some custom code. You might be thinking that where you will get the code. No worries! I am here to provide the code for free 😀

How to do this?

If you have a child theme installed then you can paste the below code on your child-theme’s functions.php file or you can use this plugin.

After saving the code, your vendor won’t be able to submit any product without price & image and if they try then they will get the error like below –

You can take a look in this video to get more details –

One thought on “How to make price & image field required in Dokan

  1. Thanks Nayem. I was wondering how can I make the Description field (not short description) required as well. Can you please advise me on this?
    Thanks in advance

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