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Icon missing on vendor dashboard – Dokan Multivendor Marketplace

You all know that recently Fontawesome upgraded their version to v5. They have changed the class name for multiple icons. For that reason, icons are not showing correctly on few plugins or theme with the Fontawesome v4.

Users are frequently getting this icon missing problem with Dokan and few themes. ReHub is one of the best Dokan compatible theme which is using Fontawesome v5. For that reason, few icons are missing from the vendor dashboard like as – Reviews, Reports, Coupons etc.

If you are using the ReHub theme with Dokan or any other theme which is using Fontawesome 5 then you should get the below scenario –

How to fix?

This issue is ocurring because Dokan plugin is using Fontawesome v4 and the theme is using Fontawesome v5. For that reason, few icons are getting the correct class name. Because on the new version most of the classes of Fontawesome start with “fas fa-comments” or “fab fa-gratipay” while it was like fa fa-comments in version 4.

To fix this icon in Dokan you may need a child theme. Because on the core file of Dokan it coded like this –
public function add_review_menu( $urls ) {

$urls['reviews'] = array(
'title' => __( 'Reviews', 'dokan' ),
'icon' => '',
'url' => dokan_get_navigation_url( 'reviews' ),
'pos' => 65,
'permission' => 'dokan_view_review_menu'

return $urls;

So, we are unable to modify on the core else, it will be erased on next release of Dokan-lite/pro.

Now, please open your child-theme functions.php and use the below code –

After that just reload the vendor dashboard page and you will see that icons are back 🙂



Which theme is Dokan compatible?

You can check for more from here.

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  1. Oliver Oliver

    It helped me a lot. But there is one icon missing – Visit Store. Do you think you can send mi code how to correct it? Thank you

    • Which theme you are using now? You may need to modify on wp-content/plugins/dokan-lite/includes/template-tags.php and line number 460 and you may need to change the class name 🙂

      • Oliver Oliver

        Hello. I’m using Electro theme. Thank you for your answer.

        • You are most welcome 🙂

          • Oliver Oliver

            Its a stupid think. I had to change font awesome from fa fa-external-link to fa fa-external-link-alt. The first one looks like PRO Licence only.

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