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Show vendor name on the single product page – Dokan Multivendor Plugin

Are you a Dokan Multivendor plugin user? If yes, then this tips can help you a lot. In another post of mine, I have described that how you can show vendor store name on product thumbnail. After publishing the post I got many requests to write another post at a similar point but this time the vendor name needs to show on the single product page.

To promote the vendor or to inform the customer about the vendor, the site admin always try to show the original owner of the product. On the single product page, there is a tab called “Vendor Information” to show vendor address, email etc. Nowadays, no one has the time to check each tab because everyone wants to save their time.

You are also thinking to add an option to the single product page description where the customer can view the original vendor who is selling the product. You are thinking to add an option to show  “Sold by: [store name]” on the single product page under the product summary.

How to show sold by tag on the single product page?

I found a quick solution to show vendor store name on the single product page. It is really quick and easy solution. Just open your child-theme functions.php file and add the below code :

After saving the file, just reload the single product page and you will be able to see the vendor store name on the single product page under the product summary.

I believe that this small tips can help you a lot. If you are not using Dokan plugin then you can take a look here.

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  1. Sam Sam

    can you make it for store name instead of author name?

  2. Marcio Marcio


    Is it possible to display in other places, like after or before price? after or before title?

    • Yes, it is possible but you have to use a different hook 🙂

      • Márcio Márcio

        If its not that hard or time consuming for you, could you help me?
        Or send me a quote to my email and we can talk about this.

        I’m afraid Im a donkey looking at a palace when it comes to this stuff.

        • Hello,

          No problem, fill the contact form then I will try my best to help you 🙂

        • However, my code is already showing the vendor name under the price. If you check the screenshot then you will see it 🙂

  3. pj pj

    is it also possible to open the shop with a button and can you tell me how?

    • It is possible but this is a totally different requirement rather than this blog topic. You have to add a button and then you have to get the store URL for the button 🙂

  4. Nathan Joyner Nathan Joyner


    Really appreciate what you’ve shown us! Is there a way however to not show the above for specific vendor? I.e for the website owner?

    • Yes, possible but you might need to do more code and you have to check by user ID 🙂

  5. Your codes look great, but all codes I implement in the functions.php result in my website stating: “the website is dealing with technical problems”

    What am I doing wrong?

    • Hello,

      Kindly make sure that you have inserted the code correctly and you did not miss any syntax. Also, if you can then turn on your debug to view the error.

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