New plugin – Dokan Menu Hider

Dokan Menu Hider

I have released my new plugin Dokan Menu Hider. After installing this plugin, admin can easily remove seller dashboard menu. Also, the admin will be able to disable tab from product edit page. It will help you to disable few options for the seller.

  • Install Dokan plugin then install Dokan Menu Hider.
  • You will find option of this plugin in Dokan->Settings->Selling options.

Download link-

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3 thoughts on “New plugin – Dokan Menu Hider

    1. Hello Tree,

      You may need to remove it from the core or hide it through CSS. In my plugin there is no option to hide the entire settings area 🙂

  1. I was trying to use the Dokan Lottery Integration by wpgenie and decided to remove that feature but the list item is still showing up in the vendor dashboard as “no title”. Just trying to find the core file in dokan where the dashboard menus are so I can remove it. Assuming that is the solution. If not, do you know how I can remove it?

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