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Today I have uploaded my new plugin for WooCommerce. The name of the plugin is – Woo Login Redirect. It will help you to redirect your user to a specific page after their login or registration through the my-account page.

One of my friends is using WooCommerce in his e-commerce website. Yesterday he came to me for a solution. In his website when his user logged in or register through the my-account page, After the login/registration they redirected to the my-account page again. My friend told me that he wants his user to redirect to a specific page after login or registration. I was not able to help him instantly. I have asked for few times.
Yesterday, I was searching on the web for the solution. I did not get any plugin for WooCommerce like this. I have searched for few hours without success. I was not able to get the solution for both login and registration redirect.
Then I have discussed with some great people who knows about WooCommerce better than me. Then I was trying with my own hand. After trying for a couple of days, I got the solution. It was not easy for me because I am not an expert. Woo Login redirect will be the best solution for my friend.
By using this plugin, you can set a specific page where the user will be redirected after login or registration.
Plugin Download Linkhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-login-redirect

How It Works

You have to install the parent plugin WooCommerce. Then you have to install Woo Login Redirect plugin.
After installing the plugin, Please navigate to wp-admin->WooCommerce->Settings->General Options. In this general options tab, you will get those select box to select your login/registration redirect page.
1. Login Redirect
2. Registration Redirect.

  • From the login redirect option, you can select the specific page to redirect. Your user will be redirected after their successful login to your selected page.
  • Select the specific page to redirect your user after their successful registration.

Plugin Download Linkhttps://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-login-redirect

Note: Those redirect will work when the user will register or login via WooCommerce my-account page

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