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Top Project Management Tools for WordPress

Project management has become one of the fundamental parts of any business or company. You would hardly find a team who are not working on a project. Whether they are a small company or a multinational one, they will eventually end up working on specific projects. Even I am (a simple storyteller) working on several projects!

So, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could manage your projects directly on your WordPress site? It would give you the liberty of creating your own project, task lists and also tasks. You could even add team members and assign them to several tasks within your project. When you make your whole project organized, you will most likely be able to successfully complete it with the right determination.

Now, let’s us talk about some awesome project tools for WordPress. In this article, you will get to know about the best project management plugins available in the WordPress industry. Let get started!

WP Project Manager

It is the best project management solution in the market! You may ask how can I be so confident about it? Well, let’s have a look at their feature list.

  • Projects
    • Create a new project
    • Set title and details of that project
    • Assign users to projects
  • Messages
    • Messages are used for discussing the project with co-workers of that project
    • You can add attachments to messages
    • Comments can be made for discussion
  • To-do List
    • Add as many to-do lists as you want with title and description
    • Add tasks, assign users, assign a due date
    • See progress bar on the list
    • Add comments to individual to-do lists and to-do’s
    • Mark to-do as complete/incomplete
  • Milestone
    • Create milestone
    • Assign messages and to-do list to milestone
    • 3 types of milestones are there, a) upcoming, b) completed and c) late milestone
  • Files
    • See all the uploaded files on messages and comments in one place and navigate to individual attached threads.

Besides that, you can additionally do the following –

  • Create and track milestones for collaborators to follow
  • Monitor all uploaded files in one place
  • Easily navigate to any project, task, message, or comment
  • Control all user roles and limit project visibility
  • Utilize the built-in commenting system to communicate

Price: FREE, Paid version available with more powerful features

Active Installs: 4,000+

Ratings: 3.9

SP Project & Document Manager

Here is another popular project management plugin for WordPress. It allows easy file sharing, maintaining the documents, supports any file type and manages client accounts for your projects. You can let your clients involved in the project in you want.

Here are the things you can do with this plugin –

  • Manage projects, documents and also clients
  • Intuitive design and layout
  • Manage and track uploads for both clients and team
  • Add team members, vendors, suppliers, partners etc.
  • Managing and control information flow

Price: FREE

Active Installs: 3,000+

Ratings: 4.0

Project Panorama

This a powerful plugin, but its only available in premium version. There is no free plugin so you have to pay around $60 to use this one. It has a robust design and can streamline interactions with your clients. You can also manage your projects easily. It has a project management dashboard just like WP Project Manager Pro. You can collaborate with your team members and preview their task list. You can also discuss your tasks inside the project to keep your mailbox clean.

Here are the features that you get with this plugin –

  • Regular updates
  • Templates for your projects to set them up quickly
  • Change request for projects directly on the project page
  • Comparison of assignments, deadlines, and status
  • Mobile friendly
  • Translatable to other languages

Price: $59

Wrapping Up

The demand for project management tools will not reduce in the next 10 years. Thus, there is an adequate number of solutions available in the market. You can rest assured that – there are many tools that can fulfill your requirements without a doubt. But the tools that we have included in our list, are all capable of doing amazing things. For example, you can use WP Project Manager Pro for managing any type of projects. You can add your clients directly to your project and let them monitor your progress. You can do similar things using Project Panorama and SP Project. There are many other solutions that you can try.

Let us know in the comments section on what you think about our list. If you are using some other solution that you like, inform us and we will add them to our list.

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