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How to change vendor setup wizard text in Dokan Multivendor

For a new user, onboard instruction is really important. In that sense, Dokan Multivendor Plugin has onboard system for the vendor so that they can setup their store easily after registering as a vendor. Now, the setup wizard has some welcome text and it is not possible to change those default text. Do you want to know how you can change them?

From the my-account page when a vendor register, he redirects to the vendor setup wizard which looks like below –

Default setup-wizard text

Now all those texts are not appropriate for all the users. So, many of them are looking for a good way so that they can change the welcome text without any core modification.

How to change setup-wizard text?

You can easily change those text through your child theme’s functions.php file. If you do not have any child theme then you can read this guide to create a child theme. After installing the child theme kindly open the functions.php file through an editor like Sublime text or your notepad 🙂

On your functions.php file, just paste the below code –

On the above code, you can change those sentences as you need. I have changed my one Welcome to the Marketplace  to Welcome to NayemDevs Blog  and then save the file correctly.

After saving the file, I have checked the vendor setup wizard and found the changes I made –

After changing the code via child-theme

See! It is really easy to change without modifying the core file of Dokan plugin.

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  1. How to edit the store fields please?

    • If you are trying to remove from vendor settings field then you can override dokan-lite/templates/global/settings/store-form.php 🙂

    • You can add it from dokan -> Settings -> Appearance 🙂

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