How to change vendor setup wizard text in Dokan Multivendor

For a new user, onboard instruction is really important. In that sense, Dokan Multivendor Plugin has onboard system for the vendor so that they can setup their store easily after registering as a vendor. Now, the setup wizard has some welcome text and it is not possible to change those default text. Do you want to know how you can change them?

From the my-account page when a vendor register, he redirects to the vendor setup wizard which looks like below –

Default setup-wizard text

Now all those texts are not appropriate for all the users. So, many of them are looking for a good way so that they can change the welcome text without any core modification.

How to change setup-wizard text?

You can easily change those text through your child theme’s functions.php file. If you do not have any child theme then you can read this guide to create a child theme. After installing the child theme kindly open the functions.php file through an editor like Sublime text or your notepad 🙂

On your functions.php file, just paste the below code –

On the above code, you can change those sentences as you need. I have changed my one Welcome to the Marketplace  to Welcome to NayemDevs Blog  and then save the file correctly.

After saving the file, I have checked the vendor setup wizard and found the changes I made –

After changing the code via child-theme

See! It is really easy to change without modifying the core file of Dokan plugin.

10 thoughts on “How to change vendor setup wizard text in Dokan Multivendor

    1. Store setup field is available on a separate function- public function dokan_setup_store() You can add this function also on my mentioned code to modify. The process is same 🙂

  1. Hello, would you help me on setting custom fields on registration form for vendors, sellers etc, such as dropdown for area of operation, checkbox for categories to be selling and maybe a radio button?
    Thanks in advance.

        1. You can use WP User Frontend plugin to create a separate registration form for the vendor. It seems like your shared website used WP User Frontend of weDevs 🙂

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