Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace

Handle foreign currencies within your marketplace(works also if your website isn’t a marketplace) for only €2 per month. This is a plugin of the German company GaJeLabs, which helps you deal with multiple currencies within your platform, with many regards, and makes you improve your […]

Changing the default thumbnail placeholder of WooCommerce product is easy!

I was trying to buy a product from an e-commerce store today and suddenly found a few products with no image and started thinking that the store is fake! You might be also felt the same when you see the product with no image. Now, […]

Introducing WooCommerce 2.4.0

WooCommerce users already informed about the new release of v2.4.0. In this latest version user will get bundle of new feature to make their selling more easy. What’s New? You will be happy when you will get the new onboarding wizard. It will also help […]

Hello There!

I am Nazmul Hassan working for weDevs Ltd (wedevs.com). Its my personal blog. Now I will try to deliver some upcoming news about WordPress and WooCommerce. I will keep writing on multivendor solution also.